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Inari's Kitsune: White Fox by foxonfire Inari's Kitsune: White Fox by foxonfire
The corner reads either pure or purity. I don't remember. If it says something different, please note/message me. I got it from an online transalation generator and then attempted to write it with my stylist pen...

First things first. My scanner totally botched this...

I was searching for info on kitsune on wikipedia and it brought up this page: [link] which I read... all of it.... -twitch- and decided to search more into the kitsune folklore. I always wondered who Inari-sama was when s/he was mentioned in some online stories I read but when I read about the Shinto kami, I was completely enthralled.

I know it looks more blue than white but the ears, hair, and tail were supposed to be white so blah... >< The thing on the tail is not an eye but a pearl:

Depictions of kitsune or their possessed victims may feature round or onion-shaped white balls known as hoshi no tama (star balls). Tales describe these as glowing with kitsune-bi, or fox-fire. Some stories identify them as magical jewels or pearls. When not in human form or possessing a human, a kitsune keeps the jewel in its mouth or carries it on its tail. Jewels are a common symbol of Inari, and representations of sacred Inari foxes without them are rare.

One belief is that when a kitsune changes shape, its hoshi no tama holds a portion of its magical power. Another tradition is that the pearl represents the kitsune's soul; the kitsune will die if separated from it for long. Those who obtain the ball may be able to extract a promise from the kitsune to help them in exchange for its return

Info from: [link]
DreemDancer Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007
Oh my god thats so beautiful! the way she's holding the kimono and the colors D:
TOXICshu Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2007
thats cuteeeeeee
Wolfgirl493 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2007
oooh, pweeettttyy!!!! x3)
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March 3, 2007
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